Wazota FAQ Page


  • What is Wazota?


Wazota is an online marketplace that allows sellers to open shops, upload products and sell from anywhere with their smartphones and computers. Buyers are able to contact sellers directly through Whatsapp and SMS in order to enquire about and buy any product which they like.


  • Does Wazota Sell Anything?


Wazota is strictly focused, at this point, on facilitating the retail process by allowing sellers to open shops. As such, the platform does not sell any products of its own. Products sold are those put up by individual sellers with shops on the platform.


  • Do I Need a Physical Store to Sign Up on Wazota?


You do not need a physical store to sell on Wazota. All you need to do is open a shop on the platform, upload pictures, and then sell from anywhere and to anybody.


  • How Much Does Opening a Shop on Wazota Cost?


Signing up and opening a shop on Wazota is free. After a trial period, different payment options will be introduced to sellers to ensure full access to all the services of the platform.


  • Do I Need to Sign Up to Buy on Wazota?


Buyers do not need to sign up on Wazota in order to buy products.


  • How Can I Guarantee My Goods Will Be Delivered?


Transactions are strictly the concern of the seller. Buyers should make sure they do their due diligence before agreeing to any purchase with a seller they met on Wazota.


  • Can I Open Shops on Different Membership Plans on Wazota?


A seller can only have one membership plan per shop. If a seller wishes to make use of another membership plan then they have to open another shop under that membership plan.